Get Involved!

27 Nov

Volunteering is an activity that I believe everyone should partake in as much as possible, due to the change that it can provide in the lives of both parties who participate. For the volunteers, they get to enjoy the sensation of feeling that they made a difference in the world or in someone else’s life. And for those that are helped by the volunteers, they too have their lives changed as they get to know the volunteers and have them integrated into their own lives.

Back in high school, I pretty much lived up at the elderly and rehabilitation home near my house. I was always helping out on the weekends or after school. However, coming to college I had no idea about how to get involved in the community that is Washington, PA. In spite of my initial concerns, participating in AmeriCorp has me partaking so much in W&J’s surrounding community, and I love every minute of it! I have been volunteering for PresPrep over at Washington High School, as well as at the LeMoyne Center, the community garden, and even a trolley museum! Through each experience, I have been meeting new people and learning about each individual’s life experiences and how that has contributed to who they are as a person.

For example, my friend Elizabeth and I spent three hours volunteering one Saturday afternoon at the Highland Ridge Community Garden. It was amazing! We were outside and having fun helping others and assisting the community with cleaning up their garden in order to allow them to grow vegetables that they then supply to the community. We met members of the community who have so much passion for helping others through the garden, that it’s impossible to not want to return and continue lending a hand! Here are some photos of the garden getting cleaned up.

Community Garden

Community Garden

With so many opportunities available to those in the W&J community, I highly suggest that everyone on campus should get involved at least once in one of these fantastic opportunities and I am very appreciative of having the ability to do so!

– Emma Church

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