Be There

29 Oct

I was up at the LeMoyne Center today and although this is my third year volunteering there, hearing certain things will never get any easier.

The way I grew up was completely different then what these kids have been through. I have lived a very sheltered life. I was given opportunities and worked hard to achieve what I have. I am loved by my family and friends and I know there are people out there that care deeply about me. I know I have support and can rely on people to help.

I know that the kids at the LeMoyne Center are not always in a situation like mine. Some do not have people to look out for them, to care about them, to love them. It is heartbreaking to hear stories. I feel helpless. It was just extremely hard to hear a story about a child’s background today. It made me tear up because I could never imagine growing up in that type on environment.

But what a volunteer can do is be there, be reliable, tell the kids that they have someone who cares. I was so excited on October 1st because I was able to see these kids again. I care about these kids so much and I want to see them succeed.

I know that my volunteering at the LeMoyne Center matters to these kids. On a positive note I saw two kids from last year that have not been back to the program yet. Both gave me the biggest hug and it just warmed my heart. Also, one of the students was talking about college and his dream to be an architect. It was awesome to hear!

I know I have an impact and I will never stop caring about the kids!

– Chelsea Cummings

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