Realizing how Important Volunteering Is

14 Feb

Last week, I found myself incredibly busy and coming down with some sickness (I now know that it is Strep Throat). I was only able to volunteer for one day, and part of another day.

This week, I have Strep Throat in full swing. My body aches, my fever is up, and I’ve quarantined myself to my room for most of the day. I’ve missed some class, some organization meetings, and some time with friends.

The thing that I miss most, though, is not being able to volunteer. I choose to stay away from the LeMoyne Center, mostly, because I do not want to get the children sick. I also could not volunteer at the Family Promise event (and will not be able to until I am non-contagious, starting tomorrow).

It is literally making me go insane and wearing on my heart to not be able to tutor the kids at the LeMoyne and help the families at Family Promise.

Being sick has made me realize that volunteering is a HUGE part of my life, and it should be a substantial part of the lives of others. I really cannot think of anything more meaningful or more rewarding than living life in the service of others, and I miss the kids, all of the kids, very dearly.

When I am feeling better, the first thing I am going to do is prepare for my work at the LeMoyne. After that, I am going to work with Meg and Claire and the other volunteers to spread the word about the LeMoyne Center and the other volunteer opportunities that we can be involved in here at W&J.

We have the incredible capability to essentially operate a homework and more program, to tutor high school, middle school, and elementary school children, to help out families in need, to aid the salvation army, to help with food pantries, and more. We can spread out knowledge and our experience and receive the experience and knowledge of those who live life in a different world than our own. We are lucky and privileged to be able to give back so much, and I want to see us work to give back more.

Being sick stinks when you realize that you are unable to do something that is so important to you. I cannot wait to get back to volunteering.

-Dylan F.

One Response to “Realizing how Important Volunteering Is”

  1. Alex February 15, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    Dylan…you’re the best. I feel like that just says it all. Hope you’re feeling better!

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