The Classroom at the LeMoyne

28 Nov

The LeMoyne Center received a makeover throughout this past summer. It has a brand new Head Start and a classroom  attached to the LeMoyne Center. Although we do not have access to the Head Start, we are very grateful for the classroom we use all day, every day! As you can see, we have decorated it to resemble a school’s classroom. We have a birthday wall, where we always hang the names of students with a birthday in that month!

In addition, we have a Look Who’s in the News Wall, where we recognize students’ work. We also have a huge white board to use! This is where we announce the special and fun day. We have quite the time schedule going to make sure both age groups have a chance to use our special room each day. This would not be possible without all of our fantastic volunteers!



One Response to “The Classroom at the LeMoyne”

  1. wjamericorpsfellows November 28, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    I always feel like we need more than one wall for all the A’s some kids bring in. Some of them don’t like to show their good grades, though. Even with Incentives. I sometimes think they like to take them home better than leave them at the LaMoyne for everyone to see. One way or another, it’s adorable and heartening to know how often that bulletin board of good grades gets filled.

    Also, the white board is almost too much fun. I love writing the day’s theme on it. 🙂


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