Favorite Volunteering Moment

9 Nov

So what has been everyone’s favorite moment of volunteering since beginning our fellowship?

I’ll go first. Mine was this past Thursday when Thary and I took the kids from the after-school program at the Salvation Army to Wal-mart to buy winter clothes as part of Operation Bundle-Up. They were all so excited to see us and so happy that we were taking them to get new clothes. It really warmed my heart when we pulled up in the car and they were all waving and screaming our names. It felt great, and it really helped me to see that we ARE making an impact in these kids’ lives.

So tell me, what has been YOUR favorite moment so far?



One Response to “Favorite Volunteering Moment”

  1. Megs November 9, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    I really enjoy the small things the little kids say… they make me laugh.

    Ex: LeBron told me he and I were boot buddies because we had on black boots and proceeded to sing to me “apple bottom with the boots with the fur.” DaShawn jumped on into this and started to “get low..get low get low..”. It made me smile.

    Ex: Takari was super excited yesterday about his stencil leaf design. HE LOVED this activity. He was also really pumped the other day about his monster truck and book about hawks.

    Ex: Yesterday, Maliek, Bucci, Quamar and Michael had me do a flashcard competition with them yesterday–SUPER INTENSE!

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