Family Promise

8 Oct

So on Wednesday I went to volunteer at the Family Promise thing. I didn’t really know what to expect or how the families would act, but once I got there I quickly found out.

My heart broke when I found out what some of these families go through. One family has two older kids in it (11 and 13) and just the mom. I found out that they have been in the program for a few weeks. I just can’t even imagine being an adolescent, going to school and being in this situation. The two boys know what is going on and can form opinions. How do they feel about this situation? I would be embarrassed and I would not want to go to school because at that age other kids make judgements about everyone. I am worried about these two boys.  They already speak in a manner not appropriate at that age. What does that mean for the future? The situation they are in is not good for development and that is really hard to think about.As a younger child, you do not realize the situation you are in. But these two boys are at the age where they know full well what is going on and that this is not normal. I just hope that they can succeed and not get into this cycle as they grow up.

It was also hard to see how some of the parents acted in front of their children. One father needs a root canal but does not have medical insurance. He was on the phone with his friend explaining the situation and it seemed like every other word was some sort of cuss word. I wanted to say something but that really is not my place. Children often mimic and follow their parents and I don’t want to see these toddlers behave in that manner.

I am happy that this service is provided to these families. It is rewarding to go and spend time with them. The two boys love playing pool or air hockey. There is another family who is comprised of the mom, a two year old girl, and a 17 month boy. The first day I went, Abbey (the two-year old) would not even look at me. The second day I went she was shy at first and then something happened. She would not stop talking to me. She was making up her own language and jumping around while making these faces. It was the cutest thing. She kept showing me her shoes and telling me how much she liked them. It was so adorable.

I really want to volunteer here whenever my schedule allows it. It is an eye opening experience. I feel that I am gaining a new perspective from seeing the families and having the young ones start to want to play and talk is extremely rewarding.




One Response to “Family Promise”

  1. Megs October 10, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    Chelsea–I am glad you enjoyed your experience. You are right–it can be so eye opening and makes you so grateful for what you have in your own life. Something like a home is easy to take for granted.

    Thanks for the service!

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