My First Day at Lemoyne

5 Oct

I had my first day at the Lemoyne Center on Monday, October 3rd.
It was a very eye opening experience from the get-go. The students came from very similar backgrounds and knew a lot about the way the outside world worked. They were very high strung but definitely knew how to listen if you spoke to them like people. They asked a lot of questions and definitely knew how to work as a team (even though there were small little moments where they pushed and shoved).

Volunteering there caught me off guard, though. Many of the kids put ‘don’t kill someone’ as a rule to follow, along with rules against drugs and violence. Clearly, these kids know what these things are, and it weighs on my heart.

But it is worth it. Totally worth it.


One Response to “My First Day at Lemoyne”

  1. Megs October 6, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

    Thanks for your hard work “Mr. Dylan.” The students are really enjoying having you as a mentor.

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