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It’s November at the LeMoyne

31 Oct

We have finished our first month of programming at the LeMoyne Center. Overall, we are really happy with the program. With any new program there is a learning curve and we are working to make adjustments as needed.

This week the youth will learn about
– The Day of the Dead – Hispanic Holiday
– Sportsmanship
– Cookie Monster’s Birthday
– National Sandwich Day
– King Tut and Mummification

Check back for photos and comments!!

Pasta Pasta Pasta!

26 Oct

In celebration of World Pasta Day the students learned about different types of pasta and the older children worked together to create Pasta Art. The little kids colored spaghetti coloring sheets and made pasta necklaces. We brought Italy to the LeMoyne!!

New Zealand Wins!

25 Oct

On Monday at the LeMoyne the students learned about United Nations Day. In honor of this day we planned a LeMoyne Center Olympics. The students broke up into 4 teams– New Zealand, USA, China and South Africa and competed in a series of “Olympic” events, which included, crab walking, wheel barrowing, hula-hooping, hurdling, sprinting, bear crawling and more! The teams had a blast and got along great!! Congrats to New Zealand on their win!!

More Photo Fun!

24 Oct

Week 4 at the LeMoyne

24 Oct

Today begins Week 4 for the Homework and More Program and we are looking forward to learning about the following:

Monday- United Nations Day
Tuesday- Learning about Personality through Pasta
Wednesday- Domestic Violence Awareness– Cyberbullying
Thursday- Navy Day– Understanding Sailboats
Friday- Happy Halloween Birthday Party

Check back for all the FUN details!!!


24 Oct

Volunteering at the LeMoyne has inspired an already burning desire to create my own community Outreach Center for students back in my hometown. Every time I help a student I get this feeling of accomplishment that runs through my body. I have enjoyed every moment of volunteer time spent at the LeMoyne Center. The students there are smart and have lots of talent, just haven’t found it yet. That’s what we’re there for!

A Big Sister, a Role Model, a Friend

24 Oct

I love being a Big Sister. Every time I see my Little Sister, which is once a week through the Big Brother Big Sister program, she greets me with a big smile on her face and asks sarcastically, “Are we going to do a craft today since  you loveeee doing crafts with me?” I’d do anything for her, even draw and cut out pumpkins while enduring my 10 year old Little Sister’s playful teasing at my artwork.

I won’t be able to change her home-life, or the environment she has grown up in. I won’t be able to make sure she gets on the bus every morning, or be there every time she is upset or needs a hug. But once every week, I get to see her smiling up at me, and I’m smiling right back. I may not make a difference in her entire life, but I know I’m making a difference in those moments, from when I go to her classroom to excuse her for the hour, or walk her to the line of 4th graders waiting for the bus that will take them home. I know that in these short times, I am making her happy, I’m showing her I care, and I’m showing her that I believe in her.

We refer to each other as sisters. I signed up for this program with the intentions of influencing a child’s life in a positive and effective way, and as cliche as this will sound, I didn’t realize she would influence mine to the extent that she has. She shows such positivity and strength for a little girl that has grown up in a broken home and tough environment. She is amazing. She’s resilient. She is my sister. She has changed my outlook on unfortunate situations that occur in my life, and to allow me to count my blessings.

This is why I do AmeriCorps. I know I’m making a difference, no matter how big or small. But my main goal? I want to show these kids and whomever I work with, that they are making a difference too. That they mean the world to someone. Now that’s making a difference in my eyes.